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Cockluck #16

John: Thrown Negroni

1.0 oz Lillet Blanc

1.0 oz Aperol

1.0 oz Hendrick’s Gin

1 Egg White

Cocktail Spheres/Spherification: Allspice Dram, Nocino, Aperol

Julie: Santa’s Little Helper (aka Buzzed and Awake)

4.0 oz bourbon

1 shot Brioso espresso, cooled

2.0 oz Brioso coffee syrup*

1–2 dashes Peychaud's bitters

1 large egg white

*Brioso Coffee Syrup

1 cup brewed Brioso coffee

3/4 cup white sugar

1/4 cup brown sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla

Adrian: The Trident Cocktail

1.0 oz aquavit

1.0 oz Cynar

1.0 oz dry sherry

Heavy dashes of ginger/pear shrub bitters

Lemon twist for garnish

Stir with ice, strain into a coupe.

Jessica: Spiced Hot Tamale

2.0 oz Ancho Reyes Ancho Chili Liqueur

1.0 oz grapefruit juice

0.5 oz lime juice

fresh ginger

garnish with a piece of crystalized ginger w/ a clove stuck in it

Scott: Sin Cyn

1.0 oz Cynar

1.0 oz Punt e Mes

1.0 oz Monkey Shoulder Scotch

garnish with a flamed orange peel

Stir with ice, strain into a coupe.

Maria: The 11th Hour

2.0 oz Jameson whiskey

1.0 oz cranberry clove syrup

0.5 oz xxxxxx

0.5 oz lime juice


Holly: Alpine Sour

1.0 oz lemon juice

1.0 oz. Brandy

1.0 oz. orgeat

1 bottle Underberg bitters (about .75 oz)

Grated nutmeg

Shake with ice, strain into a coupe, garnish with grated nutmeg

Cory: The Real McCoy

1.5 oz Smooth Ambler Rye

0.75 oz Almond wine

0.75 oz brown sugar syrup

2 dashes Dr. Adam Elmegirab, Aphrodite Cocktail Bitters

1 egg

Dry shake all ingredients, add ice shake again, and strain into a coupe.

Laura: Snappy New Yorker

1 oz Bourbon

1oz Sweet Vermouth

1 oz Art in the Age SNAP

Stir with ice, strain into coupe, garnish with Luxardo cherry.

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